Wednesday, May 24, 2017

WestJet Rewards: Earn up to 1,000 bonus dollars for flying across Canada!

WestJet has launched an amazing flight bonus offer for travel within Canada. We are particularly excited about it as it was nice to work with WestJet Rewards to develop the promotion! Rewards Canada (well our parent company, FFB Group Inc.) developed this bonus offer concept and pitched it to WestJet Rewards as a great promotion to use to celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday. WestJet worked the concept to fit perfectly with their needs and budget. Heck they even made it more rewarding than we originally proposed as WestJet will reward you with that flight back to your home province on your first round trip! I can say we did not have that in our proposal so be thankful WestJet wants to reward you with even more WestJet dollars!

On to the actual promotion!  

To celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday, WestJet Rewards will reward you with lots of bonus dollars when you fly across Canada to different provinces. The more provinces you fly to the more dollars you earn. Make it to 10 provinces or territories and you'll earn a total of 1,000 WestJet dollars. That's right one thousand dollars. Since WestJet Rewards works like cash that's a hefty amount of dollars to use towards future flights. So all of you traveling salesmen, consultants and such who travel coast to coast to coast - now is the time to register and take advantage of a huge potential win fall on your travels! Even if you aren't that frequent of flyer you should register as you'll earn at least 25 WestJet dollars on one round trip flight within our great nation!

Offer details
Earn up to 1,000 Bonus WestJet dollars when you fly WestJet across Canada. Register Online (Registration is required) May 2 - Dec 31, 17

Fly to another province or territory, and you'll earn 10 bonus WestJet dollars. Fly to another province or territory (going back home, for instance), and you'll earn 15 bonus WestJet dollars. So, one round-trip excursion out of province earns you 25 bonus WestJet dollars. Pretty exciting, eh?
  • Province or territory 3: 15 bonus WestJet dollars
  • Province or territory 4: 20 bonus WestJet dollars
  • Province or territory 5: 25 bonus WestJet dollars
  • Province or territory 6: 30 bonus WestJet dollars
  • Province or territory 7: 35 bonus WestJet dollars
  • Province or territory 8: 40 bonus WestJet dollars
  • Province or territory 9: 40 bonus WestJet dollars
  • Province or territory 10: 40 bonus WestJet dollars
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