Friday, May 1, 2009

Community Stakeholders call for inclusion of Airport Trail Tunnel

Business owners, community associations and residents of NE Calgary have formed a committee called the Airport Trail Access Committee (ATAC) to promote public awareness about the current plans of not including the proposed tunnel under the new N-S Runway planned by the Calgary Aiport. ATAC ultimately want to ensure that the plans by the Airport Authority and all levels of government have a commitment to include the tunnel when the runway is built

Excerpt from the ATAC press release:
"Grant Galpin, spokesperson for the Airport Trail Access Committee notes, “The loss of Barlow Trail as an access route along with no plans for a tunnel off of Airport Trail will mean that all traffic is forced to approach the airport from Deerfoot Trail. This cuts off multiple access points to the airport from all of the hotels, restaurants, businesses, planned housing developments in NE Calgary, not to mention the airport employees who live in the region.” Galpin highlighted the economic impact by further stating, “It will mean a loss of millions of dollars of revenue for businesses dependent upon the largest economic generator and employer (the airport) in the region, and create a very significant potential loss of regional employment as businesses potentially choose to move out of NE Calgary. This tunnel is a necessity for the continued economic health of the area.” "

The group have launched a website at to further the exposure on this issue.

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  1. Barlow trail as it exists takes a geat deal of the pressure off Deerfoot, even with regular traffic flow, never mind when there is a traffic issue on Deerfoot. The cost of the tunnel will be cheaper than the cost of property expropriation on 36 street which woill be the next requirement to facilitate the traffic (including all the heavy truck traffic) that will then be diverted to 36 street. Calgary has been trying to protrait themselves as a green city, which would fly in the face of that section of Barlow closing. Our carbon footprint will certainly increase when traffic is stuck in gridlock on Deerfoot or trying to find alternate routes around this north east area. Millions of dollars have invested by hotels on Barlow south of the airport. Travel times without traffic snarles will be increased for employees in the north east corner of Mcknight & Barlow.
    It is frusterating when you see the City of Calgary find $43 million for foot bridges, $95 million for a Nortel building, but no money for a tunnel on a road with the daily useage that this section of Barlow sees.