Thursday, January 14, 2010

United's flight changes for Summer 2010 means less capacity out of Calgary

According to Airline Route Updates, United is making the following changes to their Calgary flights for Summer 2010:

Chicago will be served twice daily with CRJ-700's and once daily with an A319. Summer 09 was 4 times daily with CRJ-700, which leads to a slight decrease in overall capacity (-7 seats per day)

Denver will be once daily A319, three daily CRJ-200 and once daily CRJ-700. Summer 09 was a mix of three daily 737 or A319/20 and two daily CRJ, a larger sized decrease (approx -100 seats per day)

San Francisco will go to three daily CRJ-700 flights from four in Summer 09. This is a decrease of 66 seats per day.

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  1. That's okay, now that we've got CO in *A I forsee much more transfering in Houston over Denver for me.