Friday, April 16, 2010

YYC AGM 2010: $2.4bn Expansion over next 5 years

The Calgary Airport Authority confirmed once again that they are going ahead with the much needed expansion of YYC. The expansion will take place over the next 5 years and cost 2.4 billion dollars. As has been noted in the past the expansion will include the parallel North-South Runway, the 22 Gate 1.3 million square foot eco-conscious International Concourse and a new control tower.

You can find out more on the expansion on YYC's website


  1. They're spending $2.4 billion on this expansion, but cannot afford the $250 million tunnel that would go beneath the new taxi-ways to link up with Barlow Trail? Unbelievable. Without the tunnel, there will never be an LRT line to the airport. The Calgary Aiport Authority obviously does not care about vehicle traffic congestion to access the airport, they have their own agenda in increasing air traffic flow. Calgary has a great airport, but if the city truly wants to be world-class, LRT service is crucial.

  2. You should blame the city, not the airport authority. If the city paid a little more attention, the plans for the expansion have been available for more than 10 years. The city should have completed their expansion of 36th with the intersection at country hills blvd and then there would be no need for the controvercial tunnel. Bad press and misdirection are what is causing the problems, not actions by the authority.