Thursday, September 23, 2010

YYC Passenger stats for June and July 2010

The Calgary Airport Authority recently released the passenger statisitics for June and July 2010 and they continue to show healthy growth numbers.

June 2010 saw growth in all sectors with domestic travel growing 4.4% over 2009 and nearly matching the 2008 record numbers. Transborder traffic also boded well with a 8.5% growth over 2009 and International traffic once again seeing double digit growth over 2009 with a 15.6% increase. Overall, 1,052,202 passengers used the airport in June.

June 2010
Domestic: 758,186
Transborder: 186,552
International: 107,464

Domestic and International numbers continued their growth July  2010 however Transborder saw a declinefor the first time since November 2009. Overall traffic was 5.1% to 1,209,982 with Domestic travel growing by 5.1.%, Transborder shrinking by 0.8% and International going up 16.6%. .

July 2010
Domestic: 867,075
Transborder: 215,268
International: 127,639



  1. What do you think is causing the large international numbers? Did the Korean flights in August play a role? Or has YYC been supporting our international destinations and carriers very well?

  2. I be led to believe it is a mixture of all flights. YYC now maintains summer flights to the Caribbean and Mexico which helps the numbers (but the demise of Mexicana may change these numbers a bit in September) plus we still have the AC NRT flight, Korean as you mentioned and Europe flights continue to be quite full over the Spring and Summer months.

  3. Mexicana loads were around 50-60% once the visa requirement was slapped on the country. Korean didn't start until the very end of July so that didn't play too much of a role. More so the NRT flight (which didn't have great loads either) but it still was a new service and increased 95-100% loads on all the Europe flights increased the numbers dramatically.