Thursday, October 21, 2010

August & September 2010 Passenger Stats

The month by month growth that YYC has seen for the majority of this year continued in August and September based on the latest numbers released by the Calgary Airport Authority.

August 2010 saw only small growth with an overall increase in passengers of 0.4% over the same month last year.  Broken down, 2 out of 3 sectors saw numbers that were actually lower then 2009 but not by much. Domestic travel was down 0.8% compared to 2009 and transborder traffic was also down a marginal 1.4%. International traffic was the only sector to see a gain, and it continued the double digit numbers growth with a 13.0% increase over 2009. Overall, 1,206,223 passengers used the airport in August.

August 2010
Domestic: 866,188
Transborder: 214,313
International: 125,722

September boded much better for YYC in comparison to August with all three sectors seeing increased numbers over 2009. The overall increase in passengers for September was 2.7% over 2009. Domestic numbers were nearly the same as the year before with only a 0.6% growth while transborder saw a good rebound over August with an increase of 4.1%. International traffic continues to be the hot spot with September 2010 coming in 16.1% higher then 2009.

September 2010
Domestic: 743,955
Transborder: 189,362
International: 112,960

From what I can tell,  the total numbers for the third quarter were the best ever. (Q3 2007 held the top honours before). It'll be interesting to see what the 4th quarter numbers will be as Lufthansa and KLM reduce their flights for the winter season and the Air Canada route to Tokyo goes on hiatus until next spring. Will the increase in sun routes make up for those losses? We'll just have to wait and see!


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  1. Agreed, decent numbers!

    I too am curious about the winter scheds as there has been a paring back. LH reduced to 5 weekly and AC to FRA downgrading to a 763. However, KLM is not reducing flights, they will have the same frequency as last winter (although yes, down from summer scheds). Doesn't look like Monarch is back this winter either so "overseas" international will take a hit for sure. I think sun destination flying will be overall higher than last winter.