Monday, May 16, 2011

TACA to codeshare on select Air Canada routes out of Calgary

As TACA (and joint venture partner Avianca) approach their entry into the Star Alliance, we are starting to see the two Latin American carries expand their codeshare services with partners of the alliance. Of course, with Air Canada being one of the founding members of the Star Alliance, TACA recently began codesharing on some of Air Canada's routes and includes the following from YYC:

To - From TACA Flight # AC Flight #

Los Angeles – Calgary TA4001 AC573
Calgary – Los Angeles TA4000 AC572
Calgary – Edmonton TA4024 AC8162
Edmonton – Calgary TA4023 AC8167

It does not appear that these flights are bookable yet on the TACA website (well YYC-YEG will not be of course, but YYC-Latin America via LAX should be). As we have mentioned in the past this opens up more pricing options for flights out of Calgary as TACA may sell their codeshare flights cheaper then AC.

Source: Airline Route Updates

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