Monday, November 21, 2011

August & September Passenger Statistics (and updated July stats)

Once again playing catch up on YYC news, this time on the passenger statistics front. I have not updated these since YYC posted the July stats and now they have the August, September and revised July numbers out.

First lets revisit July, when I originally posted the stats as released by YYC the overall numbers were lower then 2010, but the revised numbers show July 2011 growing by 1.1% over July 2010 to 1,232,978. Broken down the numbers look like this

July 2011
Domestic 894,422
Transborder 217,651
International 120,905

The positive growth in the overall passenger numbers continued in August and September with growth at 2.7% and 1.8% respectively. In total, August saw 1,247,359 passengers while 1,071,835 people passed through the airport in September.

August 2011
Domestic 913,177
Transborder 219,000
International 115,182

September 2011
Domestic 777,108
Transborder 191,168
International 103,559

In the above numbers both Domestic and Transborder saw positive gains over 2010 while International continued into its four month of negative numbers.


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