Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Passenger Statistics: Jan/Feb 2012

The start of 2012 is very promising for YYC in terms of passenger statistics. While 2011 saw a range of -1.1 to 3.2% passenger number changes over 2010, this year is seeing much larger increases so far. Now, it may be a little early to say this will be a banner year for YYC after only two months of statistics (with one of this months providing an extra day of traffic: February 29th) but I believe the numbers can be used as a good indicator of where the airport and this city is heading as both January and February broke the million passenger barriers for the first time.

Broken down domestic and transborder traffic were the sectors driving the larger numbers with increases of 7.0% and 6.7% respectively while International traffic saw a decrease of 3.5%.

January 2012
Domestic 696,032
Transborder 219,733
International 116,947

The large growth in domestic and transborder traffic continued in February but also saw International traffic get back into the positive numbers. The largest percentage increase of 13.1% came from transborder traffic while domestic traffic increased 7.2% and International 2.9%

February 2012
Domestic 673,249
Transborder 233,326
International 111,280

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