Monday, May 11, 2015

Giving it another go!

You may have noticed that as of late last week I started posting again to IFlyCalgary! Its been nearly three years since the last post and lots has happened since then. IFlyCalgary was and is my hobby site, and I started it when Rewards Canada and were experiencing phenomenal growth which continues to this day. Those two sites coupled with work in the Oil & Gas Industry and a family meant limited time and resources could be put towards to IFlyCalgary.

Now, fast forward to 2015 where I have finished with Oil & Gas (in June 2014) and am now focused 100% on the loyalty industry in both B2C (Rewards Canada, FFB, FFB UK) and B2B roles (speaking at loyalty conferences, media work and loyalty promotion development). This loyalty work still takes up more time than I have however I figured there is a lot of content I curate on my other sites that could easily be placed on IFlyCalgary and I feel now is the right time to start updating again.  I'm not sure what direction it will take but as with any blog it will evolve over time and we'll see what happens.

Good news is that over the last few years I have established partnerships and relationships with many companies with whom I have done and will do future exclusive promotions that I think would be great to pass on to IFlyCalgary readers.  Some of these companies include WestJet, Emirates, Aeroplan, American Express and quite a few others. Heck even those not flying could benefit as we ran an exclusive promo with Canalta Hotels last year!  Emirates keeps telling me they are itching to grow their business out of Western Canada using their Alaska Airlines partnership (hence their current promo for Western Canada) so maybe I can work something out for IFlyCalgary readers!

If you read Rewards Canada you may find quite a bit of duplication as much of what goes onto Rewards Canada is relevant to us Calgarians as well but when I take those RC posts I'll usually modify them to be Calgary specific and may even add in a few more tips.

As always I love to hear feedback, suggestions, corrections and more. Heck if you feel like you can contribute I am even open to having guest contributors!

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