Monday, September 14, 2015

WestJet to serve London Gatwick from Calgary, Edmonton, St. John's, Toronto, Vancouver & Winnipeg

Earlier this year WestJet announced they will start flying to London Gatwick in 2016 with their new 767s. What they didn't reveal is which cities in Canada they would fly from. Thanks to we now know they are making an aggressive launch by serving LGW from 6 cities. WestJet have not revealed this themselves although it looks like they will be doing so tomorrow as they have press conferences scheduled in all 6 cities.

Here is the planned operation:

eff 06MAY16 Calgary – London Gatwick 5 weekly
WS001 YYC1855 – 1049+1LGW 76W x16
WS002 LGW1055 – 1355YYC 76W x16 (eff 08MAY16)

eff 06MAY16 Toronto – London Gatwick 1 daily
WS003 YYZ2105 – 0925+1LGW 76W D
WS004 LGW1315 – 1628YYZ 76W D

eff 06MAY16 Vancouver – London Gatwick 6 weekly
WS022 YVR1750 – 1124+1LGW 76W x6
WS023 LGW1255 – 1540YVR 76W x6 (eff 08MAY16)

eff 07MAY16 Edmonton – London Gatwick 2 weekly
WS026 YEG1905 – 1044+1LGW 76W 16
WS027 LGW1055 – 1338YEG 76W 16

eff 07MAY16 St. John’s NFLD – London Gatwick 1 daily
WS024 YYT2335 – 0800+1LGW 73W D
WS025 LGW0920 – 1137YYT 73W D

eff 07MAY16 Winnipeg – London Gatwick 1 weekly
WS028 YWG2100 – 1102+1LGW 76W 6
WS029 LGW1250 – 1551YWG 76W 6

Based on this schedule it looks like WestJet will have at least three of their 767's in service by the time the routes launch as the YVR, YYC, and YYZ flights all depart on the same day within 15 minutes of each other. The St. John's flight starting the next day will operate with a 737. Although it is only one flight per week I'm sure Winnipeggers are happy to see they get London service!! All of the other cities currently get year round or seasonal London service from other airlines. Still to launch from 6 cities to London Gatwick it sure looks like WestJet wants to take a bite out of the competition!

Thoughts everyone?

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