Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Security Training Exercise at YYC tonight!

If you find yourself at YYC in the terminal tonight don't be alarmed if you hear gunshots!

"Calgary, AB – The Calgary Airport Authority, and key airport and emergency response agencies will be conducting a security training exercise at Calgary International Airport (YYC) on Wednesday, November 4 from 9 p.m. until approximately midnight.

The exercise will take place within the terminal building, in an isolated area; however, passengers arriving or departing YYC during this time may hear unusual noises, including simulated gunfire. Emergency agencies will be arriving to the terminal at this time to respond to the mock scenario. There will also be a number of volunteers who will be in makeup with simulated injuries within the terminal building during this period.

The safety and security of all those who visit and work at Calgary International Airport is the Authority’s number one priority and exercises of this nature are an important part of the airport emergency preparedness program. It ensures all partners have the opportunity to practice their extensive emergency response plans."

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