Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lufthansa changes YYC-FRA flight to A340 from A330

Perhaps a sign of the time, but as of Mar 30, 09 Lufthansa will use a A340-300 on the Calgary-Frankfurt route instead of the A330 that has been used since the service restarted.

The A340 is a two class plane (no First Class) and has more Economy class seats then the A330. This probably signals that LH was not selling enough First Class seats and that the A330 would be more profitable elsewhere.

The increase in economy seats with the A340 should help out for the Spring/Summer European tourist season as most of them tend not to fly in Business or First Class.


  1. Does anyone know if this new Lufthansa A340 300 has personal tv's in economy class as did the previous A330?

  2. According to the 2 Class A340-300 does not have PTV's, it just has the overhead screens. I believe some of LH's A340 do have PTV's in economy but those planes are typically doing flights out of Dusseldorf.