Thursday, July 16, 2009

Will Mexicana stay in Calgary?

With the Canadian government imposing Visa restrictions on Mexican nationals, the question has been raised as to whether Mexicana can sustain its flights to Calgary (and other Canadian cities). According to a Mexicana spokesman, they will continue on with their flights for the time being and should know by December as to which routes may be cut. This is interesting to note as it appears that Mexicana may be waiting to see what their bookings are like from Canadians for the winter season.

There is no doubt Mexicana's numbers from Mexico to Canada will drop but by how much and for how long will have to be seen. As one passenger from a Czech Airlines flight put it: (Czechs now have to Visas to come to Canada as well) that they already had all tickets booked and paid for, all plans made for the trip that although it was an inconvenience, they still went to Vienna to get there Visas rather then canceling their trips and possibly being out of thousands of dollars (well Czech Crowns). It is likely that the same scenario will play out for Mexicans, as those who have legit reasons for coming to Canada (pleasure or business) will get a Visa despite the hassle and once it becomes routine we won't here about it all in the media nor hear complaints from travelers.

So Calgarians, you have at least until December to fly Mexicana and keep you fingers crossed that the flights continue beyond then.

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