Thursday, October 15, 2009

Air Canada adds New Delayed and Cancelled Flight Service

Just in case we have repeat of last years Christmas mayhem with weather and delayed flights (if the past two days are any indication then we're in for a crazy winter) Air Canada is offering a new online Flight Delay/Cancellation service whereby you do no have to call AC Reservations and be on hold forever or wait in a long line at the airport counter. Combine this with YYC's free Wi-fi and you have a system that should become very helpful, at least for those who have laptops or Wi-fi phones.

Here it is straight from the Air Canada website:

"In our ongoing effort to deliver a superior level of service and reduce the problems associated with flight disruptions, we are proud introduce our new Delayed and Cancelled Flight Service.

Now, when an Air Canada or Jazz flight is cancelled or is expected to be delayed due to severe weather, you can search for another flight or cancel you remaining flight(s) online – no need to call Air Canada Reservations or see an Air Canada airport agent.

How it works:
  • If Air Canada advises you that your flight has been cancelled, or if severe weather conditions are expected to bring about a flight delay or cancellation, you may access the service online using your booking reference number and passenger name.
  • If your flight has in fact been delayed or cancelled, the service will advise you, in many cases, that we have already rebooked you on an alternate flight, thus minimizing disruptions to your travel plans. Naturally, you’ll then be able to:
    • View your new flight details (if you’ve been rebooked) and check in if your flight is eligible for online check-in,
    • Search for another flight to your destination (no change fee will apply), or
    • Cancel your remaining flights altogether.

If your flight has been delayed or cancelled, you’ll also be provided with a link to the service when you check in for your original flight via the Web, your mobile device or at an airport kiosk.

Because flight disruptions are never easy on anyone, we invite you to learn what else you can do when your flight is delayed or cancelled."

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  1. Looks like some new service from Calgary to Zurich will be around next summer: