Friday, October 2, 2009

WestJet to launch non-stop flights to Hawaii from Calgary

WestJet may be feeling the heat from Air Canada's new direct routes as today they announced new direct non-stop service from both Calgary and Edmonton to Honolulu and Maui. The flights will only run for eight weeks in March and April 2010 as WestJet has to wait for new planes to be delivered due to the large expansion they have planned for this upcoming winter season. Both Honolulu and Maui will have once weekly service during this period. The Honolulu flight will run between March 7 and April 25 while Maui will run March 6 to May 1.

Speculation has it though that these flights will be load restricted as they push the range limitations of WestJet's 737 fleet. WJ has had diversions in the past on flights between Vancouver and Hawaii however I don't believe those flights were load restricted. If WestJet watches the weight limts closely then there should hopefully be no diversions for the YYC flights.

Overall I am excited about this as it means even more choice to one of my favourite destinations even if it is only for an 8 week period. Ultimately if Calgarians show their support for these flights then WestJet will be compelled to run them again for the 2010/11 winter season.

Flight times are as follows:
Calgary-Honolulu Dep 0730 Arr 1044
Honolulu-Calgary Dep 1145 Arr 1016
Calgary-Maui Dep 0730 Arr 2238
Maui-Calgary Dep 1145 Arr 2204


  1. Information I have been getting is that Westjet will be capping these flights around 95 seats.

  2. thats impossible you it take 230 paasengers to make a 23% profit at 100%passenger capacity of 230 passenger

  3. Westjet will be using some of their new 737-700ER next generation aircraft which have the same range as the 757.