Thursday, December 3, 2009

Do you fly Calgary? Want to let others know about your experiences?

I was wondering what I could do to add some 'oomph' and greater interactivity on IFlyCalgary and figured what better way then to have our readers post their trip reports on flying out of Calgary. With your reports you will let other readers know the good, the bad, the funny, the sad and whatever else on using our fine city's airport. You can see two of my examples of trip reports in these past posts:
- I Fly Calgary to Los Angeles: Fog, Smog, and a Snowstorm
- I Fly Calgary to Victoria: Clive Beddoe, Broken Luggage, Power Outage

If you would like to contribute an IflyCalgary trip report, simply put it in an email (and it can include pictures or video, preferably linked from a photo sharing or video sharing site) to with the subject heading of "IFlyCalgary Trip Report". Now your reports don't have to be like mine above, they can take on any format from a full story to just a photo report. If you want to see other examples of trip reports see this section on Airliners or this one on FlyerTalk.

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