Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Air Canada Lounge Access Wiki

An Air Canada flyer off FlyerTalk.com has set up an Air Canada Lounge wiki whereby elite flyers can post when and where they are 'lounging' to see if they can offer lounge access to others. Since most Elite and Super Elite members can take one guest into the lounge, those traveling alone can offer up their guest spot to someone who just happens to be traveling around the same time. The thread covering this on FlyerTalk shows how some people like this idea and how other Top Tier members do not as they prefer the lounges to be less crowded. I will remain neutral on this one.

From what I can figure out is that you must be a FlyerTalk user to be able to communicate with whomever is offering up a guest spot as there is nothing on the wiki that allows you contact them directly.

You can visit the Wiki here, and as you can see there is quite a bit already listed for YYC.

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  1. Hey
    Thanks for posting the wiki I made...
    Staying neutral seems like the best idea on this. : )
    Good idea with the direct contact. I will look into that.