Friday, November 19, 2010

[OFFER EXPIRED] YYC to Las Vegas: Flight & Hotel for $150 incl tax or less!

Full credit goes to Chris Myden at for finding this offer:

Basically has an offer code to save $300 off Flight+Hotel bookings to Las Vegas, New York and Cancun until Dec 30, 10. He has found dates where staying in some of the cheaper hotels with the promo code you can go to Vegas for $150 including tax per person (when searching for packages for 2 people) however it can get down to around  $75 if you use the code for only 1 person at a time (ie multiple bookings)

Here is the step by step guide as provided on the YYC Deals blog

Here's a step by step guide...

1. Go to

2. Search for flight and hotel packages from Calgary to Vegas.

Try the dates December 16 to 18 for example

3. Sort the packages by price, pick the cheapest, or whatever you want, such as Gold Coast & Casino for $312/person.

4. Go through the annoying booking process, clicking continue, etc.... (you'll be hitting 'continue with booking' a lot)

5. You'll finally get to one that says 'Accept rules & continue'... click that one

6. Now on the next screen Enter in the voucher SAVE300 and apply the new price, reducing it by $300.

Which brings the total cost down to $300 after tax for 2 flights and hotel to Vegas!!!

Share what you find if you try different dates and hotels!"

So what are you waiting for? Visit today!


  1. You can actually get it down to as low as $12

    Try Dec 14-17.



  2. Looks like it doesn't work anymore... I have been trying since 6 am this morning Nov 21